BCIL and IFGTB transfers an affordable technology on isolation of Nucleic acid developed by The Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, Coimbatore
BITP 2014-15 List of Candidates Eligible to Appear For Online Test
Biotech Industrial Training Programme
  (BITP) - 2014-15
Biotechnology Industrial Training Programme for North Eastern States-BITP (NES) 2014-15
Launch of BITP book “Industrial Immersion to Bridge Skillgap”
 BCIL licenses technologies for ‘Abdominal Paracentesis Device- Parasafe’, ‘Assistive Device for Enteral Tubes- Accufeed’ and ‘Aspiration Device- Thorashield’ to M/s Mecmaan Healthcare Private Limited, Bhahadurgarh on December 7, 2013 during 7th Annual Indian Medtech Summit
 BCIL licenses technology for ‘Device for Nasal Foreign Body Removal’ to M/s Innaccel Consulting Services, Bangalore on December 7, 2013 during 7th Annual Indian Medtech Summit
BITP-2012-13 - Profiles of Trainees for job vacancies
 Biotech Industrial Training Programme
  (BITP) - 2013-14
Bioinformatics Industrial Training Programme (BIITP) 2013-14.
 BCIL Licenses Technology for Soft Tissue Biopsy Device to M/s Indiolabs India Private Limited, Bangalore on September 5, 2013
 BCIL’s licensed technology for Limb Immobilisation device ‘HiCARE LIMO’ – commercially launched on July 29, 2013 BCIL Licenses Technology for Auditory Impairment Screening Device to M/s. Sohum Innovation Labs India Private Limited, Bhopal on August 1, 2013
 BCIL transfers technology for Patient Transfer Device to M/s. MGM Associates on May 22, 2013-A technology developed under Stanford Univ., AIIMS and IIT-D collaboration (SIB program), managed by BCIL.
 Technologies available for transfer
  Transfer of technology for Detection of Tuberculosis  
  BCIL as the SBIRI management Agency of DBT for
  Small Business Innovation Research Initiative   Scheme
  BCIL as the Project Management Unit of DBT under   the National Certification System for Tissue Culture   Raised Plants (NCS-TCP)  
  Revised Curriculum for DBT Supported PG Teaching   Programme